Tips for Success in Business and Life

Tips for Success in Business and Life

The American dream aspires to succeed. Many people believe that we all can succeed. Yet, we are often told that in order to succeed we would need to make an important decision and choose between sacrificing our career or our personal life. Now, how is it possible that many successful people have found a way to have it all?

Fun Fact: on average, our life is split up into thirds. In a 24-hour day, we spend about 8 hours at work, 8 hours in our personal life and 8 hours resting. And every single section is indispensable. If you lack sleep, you suffer at work. If you have to stay late to get your job done, you will be cancelling a plan with a friend and your personal life suffers. So in order to truly succeed, one must succeed in all three sections of the day.

Here’s three steps to success in your career life and your personal life by focusing on your “thirds”:

Step 1: Set Goals – You can only get to where you want to go if you know where you are going. Set goals, short and long-term, and create a calendar for all of your “thirds” and respect each of them.

 Step 2: Enrich Yourself – Personally and professionally, an important step in success is exercising your brain and enriching your life. Find all the different ways to learn. Take classes. It has been proven that at all ages, we keep our brains strong by studying. Find a mentor and consistently meet with them. Look at friends, family and teachers. This is the best place to get to know someone well enough to see the traits you want to emulate in them. Also, learning can be found in new experiences and new hobbies. Enriching yourself can be done through many ways and ultimately affects all aspects of your life.

Step 3: Plan your time – Finding out the cause of sleep deprivation, from partying to late night texts, will help you avoid it in the future. Committing an hour or two a week for friends and family will guarantee you that time. Adjust your work schedule around that guaranteed personal time and start career training too. By making small changes early they will carry great momentum into success.

study group at ort colleges in los angelesYou may see from your goal calendar that classes are already on there. That’s a great start to ease you into not only learning, but also meeting new friends and potential colleagues. In classes, you will be surrounding yourself with people who have similar desires in their success. And outside of the class setting, you are also making yourself more attractive for the boss you want. Even in your personal life, that future best friend, working partner, or spouse may be sitting right next to you.

The third step is the easiest. Do it! Get out there and start doing! You have all the tools you need to have a successful life. Get a good night’s sleep, sign up for that class, go on a date. Have it all!

Take action and start your first day of success in your life and your career.

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