Tips for Success in the Computer Graphics Field!

Are you a creative individual with complementary interests in computer and web design? If so, a position in the computer graphics field may be ideal for you. This particular industry is extremely competitive, so it is important to carefully research ways you can ensure your success.
  • Obtain a Diploma or Degree: Before beginning your job search, consider obtaining a diploma or degree in computer graphics, desktop publishing, or another related field. This will immediately put you ahead of those with no educational background in computer graphics.
  • Get an Internship: Take advantage of your chosen school’s published internship opportunities. Speak with your professors and career advisors about which you should apply to, and be sure to have your resume reviewed by a staff member at your career center.
  • Prepare a Portfolio: During your time at school, you will learn the basics of online and physical portfolio generation. Before applying to any position in the computer graphics field, make sure your portfolio is up-to-date with all of your most recent work.
  • Move Where the Work Is: There are countless positions to be had within the computer graphics industry. Identify the areas you are most interested in, be it web design, animation, or print layouts, and pinpoint where the most job opportunities are. Then, if possible, you can relocate and begin the application process.
  • Attend Conferences and Conventions: Graphic design conferences and conventions are incredibly useful for researching new industry trends and networking with likeminded professionals. Look into multi-day passes, and be sure to bring business cards and your portfolio with you when you arrive.
If you have further questions about the computer graphics industry or you would like more career-related advice, then contact the career professionals at LAORT College. We have internship opportunities available for our students, as well as resume and job interview counseling. Call us today for more details at (323) 966-5444.

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