Tips for Writing a Stand Out Résumé

With the job market the way it is, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd when applying for a job.  With Los Angeles ORT College on your résumé, prospective employers will know that you not only have the education but the experience you need for the job. 

  • Writing a résumé can be tricky for many.  This paper is a potential employers’ first insight into your qualifications and you want to make sure it represents you well.  Some tips on writing a good résumé are:
  • Keep it simple.  Refrain from using fancy font even if you think it looks pretty, it may be hard to read for some people and a hiring agent might not make it through the whole thing.  Using the standard Times New Roman font will suffice, with black font on white paper ideally, also- 
  • Don’t make it too long.  1 page is ideal, 2 is ok if the information you are adding is important for the job you are seeking.  
  • Include your qualifications.  Put in relevant information for the job you are applying for, but don’t inflate your résumé in an effort to look good.  Add any achievements, certificate, or awards you might have earned or won that you think the employer will find noteworthy.
  • Pay attention to important words.  Try and mention key words from the job ad or description of the position you are applying for into your content or position titles that you have held, if applicable.  
  • No need write down your life story.  The hiring manager does not want to see personal information unless it will help you with the job, or unless they ask for it.
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