Tips on Staying Healthy in College

Tips on Staying Healthy in College

With a busy college schedule – juggling classes, study time, exams, work, family, and friends – it’s difficult for many students to find the time to take care of their health and well-being. You can’t keep going forever without proper nourishment, sleep, and exercise. If you push yourself too hard, your health can suffer.

If you wish to maximize your productivity and have enough energy to deal with your stressful college schedule, taking proper care of yourself is essential. Instead of waiting for something bad to happen, you can make sure you are always on top of your game by eating well, getting enough sleep, and being physically active. This can also reduce your stress levels and boost your immune system.

Here are some tips on how to make time for yourself and make healthy choices while in college:


Regular exercise is a very la ort career collegeeffective way to maintain good health and manage stress, anxiety, and depression. Fitting exercise into a busy schedule isn’t always easy.

However, there are ways you can stay physically active without disrupting your schedule.

Instead of taking the bus or driving, you can walk or ride your bike whenever you can. Walking is great for stretching your legs and relaxing before your next class.

You can use the stairs instead of elevators. You can head to the school gym between classes or sign up for school group exercises that are fun as well. This can be a great way to meet new people. There are all sorts of fun options that will keep you fit and entertained at the same time.

Eat Right

First of all, don’t skip meals, breakfast especially. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Make sure you eat lots of fresh fruit, whole grains, and protein. Food that is digested more slowly can provide you with long-lasting energy to help you stay energized throughout the day. When hunger strikes, you should have various healthy snack options to choose from such as nuts, seeds, dried fruits, fresh fruits or dark chocolate.

maintain good health at college

Staying hydrated is also essential to staying healthy, so make sure you drink plenty of water during the day. It is certainly better and healthier than drinking sugary drinks. You should limit your sugar and caffeine intake too. You don’t have to completely give up soda and coffee, but try to moderate.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important things your body and mind need in order to function properly. However, many students sleep just 4-5 hours in order to make room for everything that needs to be done. Ideally, you should sleep 7-9 hours a night. While this may not be possible every night, whenever you get the chance, try to sleep a full night. If you have the time during the day, take a nap. This is a good way to recharge your batteries.

If you have to stay awake during the night, at least try to get a little sleep before your exam. Keep in mind that you will perform better after sleeping.

By combining exercise, a healthy diet, and enough sleep, you can boost your academic performance and lead a healthier, happier lifestyle. At LA ORT, we care very much about the well-being of our students. We can help you find a healthy balance between college and other areas of your life. To talk with one of our student advisors, please give us a call today at 1-(800) 998-2678. You can also visit for more information! We are happy to help you!

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