Top 10 Best Careers for Women in 2018

Top 10 Best Careers for Women in 2018

If you wish to broaden your career opportunities and apply for top-paying jobs, you should seriously consider getting a college degree. Having a degree in business management, accounting, healthcare or digital media can open doors for many interesting and attractive careers that come with many benefits. Also, if your goal is to be your own boss and start your own business, some of these jobs have a high entrepreneurial potential.

Here is our list of the top 10 best careers for women in 2018.

Health Services Manager

With a median annual salary of $93,294, this is a financially rewarding career. Improving the efficiency of healthcare facilities is the main responsibility of health services managers. This means making sure that the administrative functions of healthcare facilities are running smoothly. As for education, you should have a degree in health administration, health services or business administration. It is possible to land this job with a college degree and then work your way up to management positions.

Finance Manager

Finance managers play an important role in every company. Their job is to prepare financial reports, plan investments and develop strategies in order to reduce costs and maximize profits. You can work for companies in various industries, including banks, government, healthcare, insurance companies or you can start your own business and offer consulting services. The median base salary for finance managers is $115,000.

best careers for womenTax Manager

If you wish to become a tax manager, you will be responsible for performing estimations, analysis, planning, and overseeing audits in order to keep businesses compliant with tax regulations. You will need strong leadership and personnel management skills in order to supervise and delegate duties to others. The average salary of tax managers is $107,179. With lucrative salaries and advancement opportunities, this is an attractive career path.

Business Administration

Business administration opens up many possible career opportunities, as you can choose to specialize in various areas of business administration. Business administrators have many responsibilities. If you choose this career, keep in mind that you should have knowledge and experience in accounting, strategic management, counseling, marketing, sales, and finance, among others.

Market Research Analyst

You can work for various industries as a market research analyst. It is important that you have a strong understanding of the industry you work in. Strong analytical skills are necessary as well. You will be responsible for studying industry trends and assessing consumer preferences and behavior to help your company figure out how to promote their services and develop effective marketing strategies. As for education requirements, you will need a degree in marketing, business administration, computer science or communications.

Personal Financial Adviser

This can be an excellent self-employment option. You will need a degree in finance, economics or accounting. As a financial advisor, you can provide investment, tax or insurance advice to your clients. You will advise your clients how to invest or save their money and help them make smart financial decisions.

Database Manager

There is a high demand for these professionals in a variety of fields. If you are well organized and wish to put your IT skills to good use, this may be an ideal career for you. You must keep up with current software developments to be able to maintain the functionality and privacy of your company’s database systems.

design careers Multimedia Artists & Animators 

With a high demand for visual effects for television, video games, movies, and other media, this job has many career advancement options. You can choose the specific medium you want to work in. Most multimedia artists are self-employed and you can also consider working from home. When it comes to education requirements, you will need a degree in digital media. This job is interesting, dynamic, and has excellent earning potential.

Technology Manager

With a growing need for new technology implementation, IT managers are essential for many industries nowadays. They have various responsibilities, ranging from managing staff to implementing technological strategic solutions. IT managers basically advise businesses on how technology can help them perform better. Furthering your education is necessary if you wish to stay on top of your game.

Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technicians can work in hospitals, medical centers, grocery stores, pharmacies, and drug stores. In some cases, you may be required to perform administrative tasks. You need to have great communication and organizational skills. The main job of pharmacy technicians is to help prepare and give out prescription medication, measure medication, and give instructions for medication use.

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