Turning a Dead-End Job to a Promising Career

Turning a Dead-End Job to a Promising Career

Before Mira Wahba enrolled at Los Angeles ORT College, she was in a dead-end job at a fast food
chain. It was the same thing every day: clock in, do the work, and clock out. She was not happy with her career, and she knew she wanted something more.

Mira made the decision to follow her passion and study accounting. She chose LA ORT for her educational goal. At every step along the way, Mira found the support she needed to succeed. When the subject matter was challenging, her teachers took time to help her individually. “They listen to our concerns and problems and work with us to make sure we understand everything we need to know about all the modules,” Mira said about her teacher, Dr. Kamjoo.

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Mira was also impressed with the employment assistance process after her graduation. She noted that the career services department would always call to confirm an interview beforehand so that she could be well-prepared before the employer called. She was hired in February, just a few short months after she graduated.

The accounting program gave Mira the tools she needed to become an accountant at a large tour agency in Beverly Hills. “It’s a very smart way of learning what you need to know to be an accountant, and they even help you with employment,” Mira said.

Looking back at her life choices, Mira credits LA ORT with her first step towards a promising future.

  • “Every day I wake up I thank God that I chose ORT and was able to get assistance in any way possible. From teachers, to financial aid, to career services, I will never forget how confused and stressed I was when I came to ORT for the first time and how confident I was when I graduated.” -Mira Wahba
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LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.