Turning Challenges Into Motivation

Turning Challenges Into Motivation

When Lucy Santos was five years old, her father walked out of the house, promising he’d return. When after two years he still had not returned, the Santos family was forced to face the fact that he was not planning on coming back. 
Growing up, her father’s abandonment weighed heavily on Lucy, and she grew into a very troubled teenager. When she was 17, she had her first child and dropped out of high school in her senior year. A few years down the road, Lucy was a single mother of three, having finally separated from an abusive relationship. 
It was at this point that Lucy stopped to take stock of her life. “Since I came from a broken down family into having one, it made me see that I needed to be something else other than another girl with a sad story growing up. When I thought of all these situations and problems that I overcame, I realized that I can do so much more for myself and my children to have a better life and future,” Lucy said in a recent commencement speech. 
Lucy went back to school, earned her GED, and then went on to vocational school where she received a CNA certificate. From her job as a CNA, she discovered her passion for working in Medical Records. She then searched and found the Medical Office Management program at Los Angeles ORT College to give her the skills she needed to follow her passion. She decided to enroll and later earned her  Associate degree. She now works as a medical front office administrator at Interface Rehab Inc., where she is putting her education to good use in a career she loves. 
“I am glad that my skills and education helped me land this job and be helpful to others… It’s one of the best feelings ever in the world to be able to help another human to feel better and do better,” Lucy said. 
When presented with difficult situations in life, Lucy Santos turned those challenges into her motivation to move forward. What do you want for your life? What are you going to do to get there? 

LA ORT is here to give you the tools to shape your future. Use it to your advantage! 

LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.

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