Using Social Media to Help You Find a Job!

You sent your resume to every company you can think of in your industry. You have contacted everyone in your network as well as teachers and friends, reminding them over and over to keep you in mind if they hear of any job openings. You scour sites like Craigslist and, applying for every listing you can find. But the resource you may not have accessed could be one you use every day. Job recruiters are increasingly using social networking websites to study or check out potential candidates.

According to a survey conducted for, 37% of employers are already screening prospective employees on social networking sites. That means roughly 2 out of 5 companies are taking a peek at your page, probably before they have even met you. Another 11% said that they plan on checking out online profiles but are not doing so currently. 15% of companies say they do not look because of company policies prohibiting it.

Two studies show conflicting results in terms of which social media sites are most popular for employers to check. The top three are LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, but the numbers are different in each survey.


  • LinkedIn: 98%
  • Twitter: 42%
  • Facebook: 33% Statistics:

  • Facebook: 65%
  • LinkedIn: 63%
  • Twitter: 16%

Regardless of who has the more accurate findings, both studies prove that social media is quickly becoming a prevalent way for companies to check up on you. While Facebook is good for sharing photos and connecting with friends, and Twitter is best for quick blurbs and updates, LinkedIn is currently the best way to display your professional attributes online. There are various reasons why employers look at your personal page:

  • 45% – Check for any qualifications, accomplishments or skills that may show you are the right fit for the job.
  • 51% – Look to determine if you will be a good fit for the company.
  • 65% – Research to see how you present yourself. Are you professional on your page? Do you talk about getting drunk all of the time and show pictures of you constantly partying?

There are ways to demonstrate how you are the best person for the job, though. So how do you set up your profile to make you look an ideal candidate?

Create a plan of action: Diligently go through your profile and decide what makes you look professional and what makes you look unsuitable for employment. Delete or make private any pictures or posts you think companies would find inappropriate. When in doubt, take it down or customize your settings so only certain people can see them. Also, make a list of all companies and industries you are interested in and follow them on social sites, or join groups related to your field.

Set your profile up for success: Studies show that on average people spend only 5.7 seconds looking at a profile. If something does not immediately grab their attention or pique their interest they move on. So make information that best represents you as visible as possible.

Be subtle about your job hunt: Many employers do not want to see you begging for a job or singing your own praises on how great you would be at their company. Post and share related articles and information on your page(s) to show that you are knowledgeable in the field. Anything to show you have relevant experience is also good.

Present yourself well: List any achievements you are proud of or have been recognized for, you want to make yourself stand out. Talk about your interests, too. What inspires you or hobbies you enjoy, something small like that could give you an edge over another applicant. Be yourself, but be your BEST self. Stay active on your profile. Leave positive comments and check your account regularly. Engage other users, if they work in your desired industry they may be able to let you know of jobs opening up or give you a good referral to the company that employs them.

Social media can PREVENT you from receiving an offer of employment as much as it can help you. 34% of employers found reasons NOT to hire a candidate because of their social network profile.

  • 50% would not hire due to inappropriate information or pictures on a personal page.
  • 45% chose not to hire because of information related to drugs or drinking.

Other reasons that prevent companies from choosing certain people:

  • Lying about their qualifications.
  • Bad-mouthing previous employers
  • Comments that are discriminatory towards race, gender, or sexual preference.
  • Poor writing and communication skills.

Use social media to your advantage when you can. 29% of employers chose to hire someone because of their profile. Reasons employers found that caused them to hire an applicant:

  • Good feel or vibes from the personality represented on the profile.
  • Liked that the candidate presented themselves professionally.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Thought they seemed well-rounded and creative.

This infographic from gives some great tips and numbers for you to consider.

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