Video: Faces of ORT

What do Mike, Katherine, Flora and all of the other people in this video have in common? They are all thankful for ORT College!

ORT has such a diverse community of students, and in our video “Facesof ORT,” former and current students talk about what ORT gave them to be thankful for. They faced challenges like not being able to speak English well, or they had confusion about what to do with their life, or had no computer or internet skills. ORT was able to help with all of these things.
Some of the reasons these students love ORT is because of the great teachers, and because the help and encouragement they found at ORT makes it feel like a family. ORT helped some build self esteem and others find jobs. People from a variety of races and religions enroll in ORT every year. What unifies all of them is the desire for higher learning and the wish to join the workforce as educated individuals.
Watch this video to get some insight into what ORT has done for the lives of these students, and then check our website out for programs we off and other information on ORT. Maybe ORT could give you an education to be thankful for, too!

LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.