Expansion and advancement of technology has created many buzzwords such as Digital Media that we hear about in connection with marketing, film, TV, internet, cell phones and much more. What exactly is digital media? How could someone benefit from this boom in technology?

Digital media is about communicating a concept, message or brand to an audience, using the modern digital technology. The audience today extends far beyond a TV or movie theater and into our very hands at every moment we glance at a phone. Traditional ways of communicating and entertaining are quickly fading, we find most of what we want and need on a screen.

Digital media is around us from the moment we wake up to our hours at work, time with the kids, and all the way to bedtime as we turn off our cell phone just before turning off the lights. There is a digital team behind every ad, every movie trailer, and nowadays, behind lab results at the doctor’s office and packaged products on the store shelves.

Even industries you would not expect to find digital media are full of digital media career opportunities. We have witnessed rapid growth of digital media jobs in fields such as medical and education.

When you use today’s technology to communicate messages, images, videos or audio tools to connect with the world around you, you are using digital media. Learning the basics of digital media is just the beginning of a career path that utilizes your interest and creativity. Every industry needs staff who is educated in the diverse applications of communicating to public to promote their services or their product in the most cost-effective way. If you like football, every image or video that you see during a game on TV or internet uses digital media to gain your attention. Creativity and the art of communicating with the public using technology is the essence of digital media.

ORT colleges in los angeles emergency proceduresA career in digital media exposes one to learn graphic design for flyers and logos, photo and video editing, web design, game design, as well as e-publishing of books, magazines and catalogs. There is also the fascinating and relatively new world of 3D graphic designers, whose work can be found in film and video game production, but also product and packaging design.

Other roles include: graphic designers, desktop publishers, and web designers. You can become employed by businesses providing computer graphics and desktop publishing services, advertising agencies, print shops and publishers; as well as create web design and content management for everyone, because every business needs online presence.

Take your passion for technology and focus it on a career that is fulfilling and lucrative. You can find your role in digital media and work on the latest content and technologies to educate, inform, and entertain.

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