Who Is Your Role Model? Whose Example Do You Follow?

Who Is Your Role Model? Whose Example Do You Follow?

For a lot of people, we look up to movie stars and athletes. When I was a kid, I wanted to be Spider-Man. Maybe that’s a little silly, but that’s who I looked up to the most. I read Spider-Man comics, watched the TV show and dreamed of punching bad guys and jumping off buildings.

los angeles colleges graduateOf course, eventually I had to admit to myself that I couldn’t climb walls like a spider, wasn’t as strong as Spider-Man, and I was certainly never going to be fighting crime in a blue and red costume.

Maybe you have a similar story. For example, most of my friends wanted to be Michael Jordan. Unfortunately, not everyone is going to play in the NBA (or gain super powers). At some point you have to find a role model who sets an example you can really follow.

I looked up to my father. I may not have been very good at basketball (or baseball, football, soccer, tennis…), but my father is the one who taught me how to play them. He taught me the joy and the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction we all feel when we know we’ve done our best, even if we didn’t win the game.

My father may not have been as amazing as Spider-Man, but he was real and he passed on a real example.

los angeles colleges studentFor You, For Your Family

So why am I talking about my dad? Maybe it’s just the holiday season that’s got me thinking about family, or maybe just hearing ORT students talk about their families.

Actually, a lot of our students are fathers and mothers themselves. And you can bet a lot of their kids want to be Iron Man or LeBron James, but who is going to impact their real lives the most?

During this season of giving, it’s important to think about what matters most. Focusing on your education may seem like something just for you, but the truth is that no one is an island. Everything we do affects those around us, and an education is a gift that truly never stops giving.

When you empower yourself, increase your opportunities and work for a better future, your family notices. You may not be able to fly, but you can show everyone the amazing things that you make possible. The reality is: You can do it.

It’s impressive to all of us at ORT to watch students enriching themselves and improving their futures by furthering their education and job skills.

trade schools in los angelesBut we aren’t the only ones your success will inspire…

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