Why Going Back to School Is Awesome

Why Going Back to School Is Awesome

If you never attended a college you must have dreamed about it. Perhaps you wanted to go but didn’t have the money, or maybe you had family obligations or other personal reasons standing in your way. Fortunately, you’re older, wiser, and now have the opportunity to make such decisions. If you’re intimidated at the thought of going back to school, you don’t need to be. More and more adults are continuing their education later in life. If you still need more convincing, read on to learn the reasons on why going back to school is awesome!

1. It’s Never Too Late

There is a misnomer that in order to be a success, you MUST do everything at a younger age – have a family in your twenties, go to college right after high school, and so on and so forth. But the truth is, it’s never too late to accomplish your goals. Don’t let excuses keep you from your dreams. Sure, it may seem strange at first. But there are many adults who make the same choice to get their education and college degree later in life. So you’ll fit right in.

2. Secure a Better Job

Employers love people who are college educated. It makes their job easier, because they have less they need to teach. Employers also love those who have college degree because it shows that they can go after a goal, follow through on it and achieve it. That sort of stick-to-it attitude is just the thing that employers look for in potential employees. It shows that their employees won’t take flight when things get tough.

3. Inspire Your Kids

Sure, we would love our kids to do as we say just because we say so. But the reality is children often follow the example of their parents. If you desire for your children to go to college, then working towards your own college degree is an excellent way to prove to them that anything is possible. The amount of inspiration your children will receive as a result of you following your dream is invaluable.

nonprofit junior colleges in los angeles 4. Switch Careers

If you’ve been working in the same industry for years, but you feel your advancement is limited, then obtaining a college degree is essential. The job market is highly competitive. So make sure you give yourself the best opportunity of working in the career of your dreams by continuing your education.

5. Make More Money

Perhaps you love your current job, but you want to progress into a more executive position. And the one thing holding you back is that college degree. According to the National Center for Education, those with college degrees annually earned about $20,000 more than those who didn’t. Those statistics are just too high to ignore. Get a college degree so you can start earning more today.

6. Make New Friends

Going back to school is an excellent place to make lifelong connections. You’ll be spending a significant amount of time with your classmates, so you are bound to develop a bond with them. Not only will you form beneficial friendships, but you have the potential to also develop strong networking connections, which are invaluable.

7. Because You Can!

You don’t really need a reason to go back to school. That’s the beautiful thing about being an adult. You get to do things just because you feel like it. Maybe you have an interest in a particular area of study, or you just like learning. Whatever your reasons, you should pursue a college education just because you can, and because it enriches your life.

We know that going back to school is not an easy decision. This is why we’ve created a supportive environment to help you achieve your career goals, and ease down your financial concerns. If you’re interested in learning more about what an ORT college in Los Angeles near you has to offer, call (800) 998-2678 and speak with a student advisor today or contact us here. We look forward to meeting you soon.

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