Why We Should Be Thankful

Why We Should Be Thankful

      At this time of year, many of us are asked to list what we are thankful for in our lives. Amongst those reasons that we are thankful for, we also have reasons why we should be thankful. Thankfulness helps us remain content. It is too often in our day-to-day life that we are noticing what we should be receiving or gaining instead of how far we’ve already come. It is important to take time out, as often as you can, to remember how far we’ve come and to remember to enjoy life- as it is a journey and not just a destination.
      Pyschologist, Dr. Robert Emmons, of the University of California at Davis, is known as the leading authority on the study of gratitude. In one study, he asked participants to write down everything they were grateful for during the day. The other group wrote about the negative things they experienced during the day; and the control group wrote about events that happened throughout the day, without being told to write about either good or bad things. The results showed that those who wrote about what they were thankful for lead more productive and happy lives during the time of the study.
      When we are thankful, it is also good for those around us. If we can be appreciative of what is present, we give credit to those we have in our lives: whether it is our family, our friends, our peers, teachers, or coworkers. When we are thankful, we can be happy. This happiness also has a great effect on those around us, giving them reason to be thankful that they have us in their lives.
In addition to being thankful for what is already great in our lives, it is also important to be thankful for opportunity. To be able to have the opportunity to advance in life, to start a new career, and altogether to dream of possibilities within reach is a blessing of its own.


      So, let us be thankful for what we have, who we know, and what we can do. It is these every-day things that make our lives great.

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