Why You Need a College Degree in This Job Market

Why You Need a College Degree in This Job Market

According to the Center on Education and the Workforce at Georgetown University, nearly 60 percent of all U.S. employers now require employees to have a university or junior college degree. With the job market becoming more and more competitive, that number is expected to rise. Knowing that you are competing against other people who have a college degree, you need to do everything possible to compete. The job market is tough and you should arm yourself with tools to help you succeed. Getting a college degree can help put you one step closer. Still need convincing? Then read on.


Junior College Degrees at Entry-Level

Gone are the days when people could come in at entry-level, as a receptionist and work their way up to an executive position. Employers are now requiring that employees have a junior college degree at even the most basic levels. This doesn’t mean that one still can’t work the way up the corporate ladder the old fashioned way. But it has becoming harder to advance when more educated employees could easily pass you by when a promotion opportunity presents itself. With a degree from a junior college this doesn’t need to be the case.


Work is Getting Harder

junior colleges degrees at ort colleges in los angelesAnother reason why employers are requiring junior college degrees is because the work has become more demanding. With technology becoming more advanced, employers want their team to keep up with new changes occurring monthly.


It’s a Filtering Process

Sometimes employers are asking for junior college degrees because it helps them filter applicants. While it does make the process more tedious, it allows them to eliminate a batch of resumes. With the economy changing day to day, employers know that they’ll be getting piles of applications, and they must find a way to weed out more people to make the hiring process faster.


It’s a Security Measure

Employers need to know that they are hiring the best quality employees. There is no better security for an employer than hiring someone who has a university or junior college degree. It shows that this potential employee is hard working, knows how to work under pressure and has no problem meeting goals and deadlines.


junior college degree at ort colleges in los angelesJunior College Teaches Critical Thinking

Employers want someone who can think on their toes and analyze situations with thoughtfulness before making important decisions. College is one of the best institutions to teach you how to do exactly that. While earning your college degree, you will learn all sorts of life skills including problem solving and creative thinking. These skills are vital for any career you are looking to enter. Employers are always looking for people who can think critically and objectively at their business. With a university or junior college degree you will be ready for that.


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LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.