Working on the Holidays

Working on the Holidays

It’s the busiest time of the season! The holidays are fantastic for many reasons: beautiful traditions, delicious food, and warm feelings. For some people, however, it is a time of extreme burden and stress.  I am not talking about many of us who are out buying Christmas presents or traveling; I’m talking about those on the other side of the counter: seasonal and retail workers.
This year, with the economy showing even more signs of growth and promise of profit, many retail stores were opening their doors at record-early hours for Black Friday. Sales this year were starting as early as Thanksgiving Day, changing the tradition of the holiday for the worst. Walmart opened its doors at 8 P.M. on Thanksgiving Day this year, while Kmart began a 42-hour-straight open, starting at 6 A.M. on Thanksgiving Day. While hours are not as crazy during December, there is still little time off granted to part time and temporary retail workers to celebrate the winter holidays.
Even with pay at time and a half, many employees still say it doesn’t make up for the lost quality time with family.  If you are not a regular retail employee, and are, instead, a seasonal retail employee, your plight is felt even more. On top of working demanding hours during prime holiday family time to deal with rioting shoppers, you have none of the employment security of a regular employee. Last year, for example, 85% of Amazon’s temporary seasonal workers were laid-off after holidays.
That Doesn’t Have to Be You
            Without proactive planning for our future, seasonal jobs can easily become an annual occurrence instead of a one-time necessity. Now is your time.
            With great education, your options for employment are improved greatly. Los Angeles ORT has programs in many successful and growing industries. With not only general information, but also, practical, field-specific skills taught, graduates of LA ORT have seen a 90% after-graduation employment placement rate. Not only are Los Angeles ORT programs comprehensive, but they also last a reasonable amount of time. With careful planning now, by this same time next year, you can be ready to work in a steady, well-paid job that allows for your to take time off to spend with your family.

Check out LA ORT’s many successful programs and speak to an LA ORT advisor today to begin your path to a happier winter season and life! In the mean time, Happy Holidays!

LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.

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