Writing Tips – Part One: Commonly Misspelled Words

Writing Tips – Part One: Commonly Misspelled Words

Knowing how to write well is an essential part of obtaining and keeping your job. No matter what career you choose, having an exceptional grasp on the English language will show your employer that you are a good communicator. For the next few weeks, we will share with you some of our favorite tips to take your writing to the next level.

This week we’ll talk about the most commonly misspelled words. Each word will have a phrase beneath it that you can use to help you remember the correct spelling of the word.

Commonly Misspelled Words
Accidentally: People often drop off the al in this word, making it simply accidently. 

    • Remember: It all happened accidentally.

Believe: The “I-before-E-rule” is a tricky one because there are many exceptions. Believe, however, is one that actually follows the rules.

    • Remember: I believe in following the rules.

Definitely: There are many ways this word is misspelled, but always remember there’s no a anywhere in the word.

    • Remember: I‘s on the inside and e’s on the outside. Definitely.

Independence: It’s tempting to slip an a in this word somewhere, but keep in mind this word is all e‘s. The same is true for other variations of the word, such as independent.

    • Remember: Independence is easy.

Maintenance: Many people forget to add the e in the middle of this word.

    • Remember: Maintenance required.

Necessary: It’s easy to confuse which letters should be doubled in this word.

    • Remember: It is necessary to use two s’s but only one c. 

Separate: Occasionally this word is spelled with one or two extra e‘s.

    • Remember: The two a‘s separate the two e‘s.
Stay tuned for Part Two of our Writing Tips blog, next week, on how to avoid common grammar mistakes.

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