Yahoo Education Names Top Six Associate Degrees

Yahoo Education recently revealed their pick of the six smartest Associate degrees. The allure of an Associate’s degree is of course less time and less money when compared to a traditional bachelor’s degree. This two-year degree can be a great option for individuals not wanting to put their career on hold for four years, or for adults already busy with work and family life.  Yahoo’s top degree picks were as follows:

  1. Medical Assistant
  2. Accounting
  3. Information Technology
  4. Business Administration
  5. Paralegal Studies
  6. Health Information Technology

Each one of these fields has been classified as in-demand and predicted to grow over the next few years. The medical field has been projected by The Department of Labor to increase by 31% over the next decade, creating thousands of new jobs. An accounting degree gives students versatility, allowing them to enter several different fields that require skills such as budgeting and bookkeeping. The same reasoning applies to a business education. With this degree students take courses in economics, marketing, finance and accounting, giving them skills that are applicable in a variety of jobs.
Los Angeles ORT College offers three of Yahoo’s recommended “smart” degrees. At ORT, students can earn Associate degrees in Accounting, Business Management or Medical Office Management. An added bonus to ORT’s program is the option to enroll in their fast track programs. This means that in one year instead of two students can earn an Associate’s degree at ORT College. And if a year is too much of a commitment there are diploma programs available as well. In eight to nine months students can complete a medical assistant or pharmacy technician program, still entering the in-demand medical field that Yahoo recommends. 
Los Angeles ORT offers open enrollment to its students, making sure no time is wasted being on a waiting list. Once accepted students can start their program as soon as the following Monday, in order to jump start their education and get started on a new career path. ORT College is also known for their supportive environment, helping students with everything from admissions to career searches. With a job placement rate of 87%, ORT is an excellent choice for anyone looking to make their already busy life just a little bit better.
For more information on Los Angeles ORT’s programs, contact an ORT advisor today! 
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LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.