You Think You Can’t – LA ORT Knows You Can

Do you want to go to college but feel like you can’t do it?  Are you afraid that you do not have enough money or time for college, or that you are not smart enough for college? 
You are not alone.  LA ORT has helped people just like you accomplish their goals and we can help you too.  LA ORT understands your concerns and is here to tell you that YOU CAN go to college! At LA ORT, you can take a program that leads to a new career by next year. 
We are a career college that specializes in training you in the skills needed to start a career you will love. We can get you on the fast-track to the career path of your choice. We offer programs in Accounting, Business Management, Pharmacy Technician, Graphic Design and Administrative Assistant.
We will help you enroll step-by-step so you can start taking classes right away. We will also help you find a job that you will love so that you can start making good money as soon as you graduate!
If you want to attend college but feel like there is no way you can, these tips can help you face your fears with confidence: 
  1. Think positive. If you tell yourself that you can go to college, you will start to believe that you can.  You will start to feel motivated to accomplish this goal.  The thoughts you think impact how you feel.  In order to reach your goals and feel energized and happy, you must think positive and say to yourself, “Yes I can do this! I can go to college!”
  2. Picture the life you want. Your imagination is powerful and you can use it to give yourself the courage you need to face your fears.  Close your eyes and actually picture yourself in classes at ORT College.  Picture yourself graduating and working in a great career. 
  3. Get help and take action. To reach your goals you must take action.  But remember you never have to do it alone.  Call ORT to speak to a Student Advisor today and we will help you with everything.  We will help you enroll, pick classes, pick a schedule and get financial aid if you qualify. 

LA ORT wants to help you reach your goals, just take the first step by calling us today at 323-248-8555 or contact an advisor.

LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.