Your Best You: How to Ace a Pre-Employment Personality Test

Your Best You: How to Ace a Pre-Employment Personality Test

How often have you or someone you know started a job that seemed perfect, but after a few weeks felt misplaced? Guess what, employers hate this situation too. Unfortunately, a resume or initial interview are of little help in deciding if an applicant is a good fit for the company culture. That’s why hiring managers are now turning to pre-employment assessment tests:

  1. Aptitude tests, measure math skills, job-specific skills as well as critical thinking. These tests show what you know and your learning style. They are like subject tests in school.
  2. Personality tests are often used to evaluate your character. By answering a list of questions, the employer will see if you have the right attitude for their company.
  3. Emotional intelligence tests focus on individual and team behavior. The assessment requires you to select one statement that describes you the best. It then measures your ability to understand and interact with other people.

We know, the word “test” itself sounds terrifying. But fear not, here are 6 useful tips that help you to ace the test:

  • Don’t overthink or analyze a question too much. Give an honest answer from your initial reaction. Imagine the best you in these scenarios. Answer as the person you are and strive to be.
  • Practice! Look online for sample pre-employment tests and practice until you are familiar with them.
  • Know your employer. Along with thoroughly knowing your job description, go to the company website and social media pages to get a broad sense of their culture: work ethic, sense of humor, vision, etc.
  • Never say never. And avoid using “always.” Talking in absolutes is a red flag and actually makes you come off as less trustworthy.
  • Test smart. Read the instructions carefully. All tests are set up differently. Look ahead for repetition of question to keep your answers consistent.
  • Know yourself. Know yourself as a test taker. If you are a morning person and have the ability to schedule the test with your recruiter, ask for a morning slot. Don’t forget to eat light, get a good night’s sleep and be careful with the coffee. Or go crazy with the coffee, whichever way you know works for you.

Keep in mind, you might not excel at every single personality test, which is fine! Not every company is a true match for you, which is why you should only want to ace the ones that are. After all you turn a job into a career when there is a good match between the position and your personality and the technical knowledge you hold. The right position is more than a job, it creates a career and builds your future. The right career always starts with the right education.

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